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Trek to Teach

Bringing opportunity
to the children of Nepal.

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Trek to Teach brings teachers from around the world to spend time in Nepal teaching English to the local school children. The ability to speak English is vital to the children’s future ability to pursue higher education, and subsequently earn a reasonable living.

In Nepal, English proficiency is a requirement for higher education. Nepali private schools and universities rely on English textbooks, lectures and journals, and because English is the medium of instruction in Nepal for science, engineering, medicine, and technical programs, not to mention it being used in tourism, not knowing English in any of those fields is essentially not an option.

Thanks to Trek to Teach, those who want to help can volunteer as a teacher for three months or longer. Teachers fly to Nepal, take a beautiful trek up into the Himalayas, and live in a village where they will teach eager young students who are hungry for knowledge. For both the students and teachers, it is the experience of a lifetime.

Trek to Teach came to BRANDVIVO with a problem: its website. It was based on a platform that was woefully out of date and consistently breaking. We were asked to translate the prior design language, which is integral to their brand, to a new, streamlined website that is clean, modern, and easy to maintain. We fulfilled their requirements with a new WordPress CMS-based site that makes extensive use of open, non-proprietary standards and features, making it both easy for anyone to update and essentially future-proof.

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