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Evergood – Maximized Social Returns

Evergood impact was conceived by Chaitali Patel as the conduit between nonprofits doing vital work in the world, and organizations who want to fund a better future. Evergood specializes in connecting organizational investors with philanthropies to maximize social returns on impact investments — and empower amazing good in the world.

We conceived the tagline – Maximized Social Returns – to convey how Evergood facilitates investors and nonprofits working together to achieve the greatest possible social impact.

With a name like Evergood, the logo practically suggested itself — a symbol of an infinite, virtuous cycle of good. We refined the concept to what you see here, with a green motif to connote growth anew. The infinity symbol integrates an alpha: α , which in investment terms signifies the amount of return over the targeted return, which ties into the tagline — Maximized Social Returns.

Business Card

That in turn suggested the theme of the website we designed and built for Evergood, with imagery throughout of strong, healthy trees and lots of greenery, connoting the solid foundation for growth and renewal that is possible when good helps good.

Evergood™ Website designed and built by BRANDVIVO™
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