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Video Creative Brief

To help us understand what you would like to achieve and to provide you with a cost estimate, please fill out the creative brief below.

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Your Video Creative Brief

Please describe your video project:
  • How much can you allocate to produce this video?
  • Please describe the target market for this campaign in as much detail as you can – demographics and psychographics.
  • What are you solving for the target market?
  • Please describe what offering you are promoting or what story you'd like to tell with this video.
  • What is the most important idea or feeling you want the viewer to take from watching this?
  • How we'll support the takeaway in the video.
  • What do you want your viewer to do after watching this?
  • Documentary? Dramatic? Comedic? Music Video? Cinema Verité? Please describe the feeling you're going for.
  • Who will we feature?
  • Where will we capture video?
  • What do we need to capture on video? People, places, objects.
  • This can include still photos, stock photos and stock videos to use as additional "B-roll"
  • Do you need professional voice talent to read a script?
  • Our professional writing service can produce a compelling script for your video.
  • Will your on-camera talent need prompting assistance for the script?
  • Other videos you love. Please provide web links if available.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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