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Marketing automation
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How to jump-start your lead acquisition & nurturing.

Marketing Automation Engine | BRANDVIVOIf you’re marketing in the B2B space, you’ve doubtless heard a lot about marketing automation and all the wonderful things it can do for your lead nurturing efforts. This is generally true, but your results may vary greatly based on your business model, your sales and marketing process, and the marketing automation platform you choose. It’s not as complicated as rocket science…but it does have a significant learning curve to use properly.  At Shindy Media, we’ve already done the hard work of learning how this stuff works and how to properly apply it. We’d like to help you do the same. We’ll work with you to design your sales and marketing processes, evaluate automation platforms and create the set-up that makes it as easy as possible for your team to attract and nurture leads.

Marketing Automation: The engine of lead nurturing.
Marketing Automation is the industry term for a fast-growing category of online software platforms that automate lead nurturing for you.

Lead Nurturing is the process of cultivating potential buyers by giving them relevant, useful information in the form of white papers, eBooks, webinars, videos and more. This content is tailored and timed to correspond with a buyer’s current need for information, depending on where he/she is in a buying process. Providing this content gives your company credibility as a thought leader, trusted advisor, and someone who really cares about the buyer. This in turn helps you cement a strong, trusting relationship with the buyer well in advance of any actual sales pitch. When the buyer becomes ready to purchase, your company will be at the top of the buyer’s list of potential vendors.

Why you need marketing automation. 
Without marketing automation, lead nurturing would be a very time consuming process for your team, because you’d have to manually:

  • Communicate with buyers about your content
  • Track and score buyer engagement with your content to determine sales readiness
  • Tailor subsequent offers of content to individual buyers and buying situations.

This could turn into a full time job with even a modest number of leads.

On the other hand, marketing automation can do all of this for you, in real time, for any number of leads, with no effort on your part.

Companies large and small are realizing that they’ve got to do lead nurturing, which means they’ve got to have a marketing automation platform in place. Consequently, the marketing automation industry is thriving. Larger marketing automation vendors are acquiring smaller vendors and new vendors are springing up constantly. Each promises to make your lead nurturing easy.

But there’s a lot more to marketing automation than meets the eye. Different platforms work in different ways and offer varying functionality. Pricing is all over the map. And truth be told, there is a significant learning curve to effectively use any marketing automation platform, never mind just choosing the right platform for your particular business case.

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