about our founder

Ron Marcus, brand & marketing consultant

Ron has been working in branding and marketing communications for 28 years. He has both broad and deep experience with branding and marketing strategy and tactics. He is a true multi-disciplinarian with a combination of big-picture thinking and tactical execution. He’s worked for many years on both the client side and the agency side. Ron’s forte is helping both startups and companies that are reinventing themselves to develop and align their mission, culture and brand, then create and execute winning branding and marketing strategies. He’s worked with a wide variety of B2B companies in diverse industries. He’s also helped a number of nonprofits optimize their marketing programs.

Ron is an accomplished public speaker and presenter, corporate video producer, musician and martial artist. When he’s not working, Ron plays in bands, teaches karate, and volunteers. He is a Southern California native and has called San Diego home since 1985. He lives with his wife Galina and their two cats.

Ron enjoys:

  • Cycling & jogging
  • Karate and yoga
  • Playing bass and keys in bands
  • Volunteering
  • Tech
  • Foreign travel

Favorite Quotes:

  • “Fall seven times to stand eight times; life starts from now.”
  • “There is no failure; only feedback.”
  • “If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re probably right.”
  • “To fill your cup, you must first empty your cup.”





a sampling of work for clients past & present

Print and Online

Business Complete Solutions


Western Alliance Bancorporation

Arbor Continuity

Top Producer Executive Network


Curtis Drilling

Silvergate Bank

iTECH Engineering


ZÜCA: The Ultimate Carry-All!

ZÜCA is a leading manufacturer of quality carry-all bags. Their goal was to show the strength and durability of their carry-all, and expand their targeting from what had been a traditionally female and sports focus to a broader target including males and business travelers.

ZÜCA Challenge 1: “Race Car”

ZÜCA Challenge 3: “Stair Step”

ZÜCA Challenge 5: “How Many Dudes…?”

ZÜCA Challenge 2: “Off a Cliff”

ZÜCA Challenge 4: “Rock and a Hard Place”

ZÜCA Challenge 6: “Blocks”

TPEN: Top Producer Executive Network

TPEN is an association of executive peer advisory groups, consisting of top producing farmers and ranchers – from non-competing operations across the continent. As part of our complete rebrand for them, we were tasked with producing this introductory video.

TPEN Introductory Video”

Mama’s Kitchen

Mama’s Kitchen provides meals to homebound San Diegans with HIV/AIDS and cancer. As part of our volunteer effort for this organization (including delivering meals), we produced these videos for the cause.

Mama’s Kitchen “Pie in the Sky” Promo

Mama’s Kitchen 2:00 Promo


Satechi’s sleek line of audio, Bluetooth, smart phone, tablet, camera, and office accessories make sure you stay connected in the most attractive, affordable, and efficient way possible. A few years ago they asked us to create videos to promote some their products on

Satechi iCel battery

Satechi X-Mini Capsule Speaker


RevCult is a revenue and technology consulting group that is obsessed with helping companies launch a Revenue Culture guaranteed to increase their growth. Over the years we’ve done a number of testimonial videos profiling their happy customers. Here are two samples.

Lloyd Pest Control Testimonial

Airsis Testimonial


ZUZA is your all-in-one marketing support company. From printing and mailing to cross channel marketing and automated collateral management, ZUZA has got you covered from Z to A. ZUZA’s here to make your marketing a whole lot easier, and a lot more effective. In other words, ZUZA’s here to help you get more marketing done.

We worked with ZUZA for several years on all of their marketing campaigns, including a series of videos.

Marketing Asset Management for Financial

ZUZA Testimonial: Rubio’s Restaurants”

ZUZA: Your Marketing Team

ZUZA “Day in the Life of a Marketer”

ZUZA Testimonial: Dimension One Spas

Startup Marketing

Startup Marketing

startup marketing


Get everything you need to start marketing your awesome startup

You’ve got your awesome product idea, secured your funding and assembled your fantastic team. Now it’s time to let everyone know how you’re going to improve the world. BRANDVIVO is the perfect partner to help you create your brand and ramp up your marketing program.

We’ve put together a complete brand and marketing starter package that will get you up and running, with pricing designed to support you while you’re in startup mode.

Perhaps you’ve got some of these areas handled already. Great! We’ve got a flexible service offering designed to give you the most bang for the buck. Use our services á la carte, in groups, or as an entire package. The more you use, the more you’ll save.


Any two services: Save 5%

Three or more services: Save 10%

BEST VALUE: The entire package: Save 15%

Learn more. Request your free introductory strategy meeting:


Brand audit and brand definition

We’ll work with your leadership team to identify and describe your mission, core values, offering, target market(s), situational analysis (SWOT) and unique brand positioning, as well as your key message points and elevator pitch. Learn more about the brand audit process here »

á la carte price: $950

Sales funnel map with buyer personas

In this phase, we’ll work with you to create in-depth descriptions of you target customers with personas (learn more about personas here »), then describe the specific phases of their buyer’s journeys through the sales funnel to the point of purchase and then post-sale.

á la carte price: $750

Corporate identity package

With your brand definition completed, we can create the corporate identity package that helps convey your brand, supporting your unique value and positioning to your customers. We’ll create the definitive brand style guide for you, including:

  • logo design
  • colors, fonts
  • stationery design
  • guidelines for designing your print and online marketing communications

These will ensure a consistent brand presentation for your company, which in turn will help to build customer trust in your company’s competence, professionalism and ability to deliver.

á la carte price: $1,650

Build your website

At BRANDVIVO, we’ve built quite a few websites leveraging the just-plain-awesome WordPress content management platform. We’ll design, write and program a beautiful 10-page WordPress website for your company, SEO-optimized of course, and properly submitted to search engines to put your site on the map. Then we’ll help your team learn how to easily manage your site using the simple WordPress administration panel.

á la carte price: $3,000

Content starter package

Today, the way to get seen and win trust is to consistently publish non-salesly content that provides value to your customers. This includes blog posts, white papers, videos, podcasts and webinars designed to make your customers’ lives easier and more productive. We’ll help you get going with up to six pieces of written content (blog posts and longer-form articles), ready to promote within your new content marketing program. We’ll also give these pieces a nice visual presentation, consistent with your brand, to really make your company shine.

á la carte price: $1,600

Demand generation program basics

This is where the rubber starts to meet the road. We’ll set you up on a marketing automation / CRM platform, establish initial lead nurturing workflows with triggered marketing automations, and create a series of four initial email blasts and landing pages to kick off your demand generation program. Learn more about demand generation here »

á la carte price: $800

Social media

Now that you’ve got a beautiful brand and a beautiful website, you’re going to need a beautiful set of social media pages to grow your community of fans and prospects. We’ll design your new pages for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and more with a look and feel that is completely consistent with your new brand identity – as well as manage posts and respond to your community in the first three weeks after launching your social media pages.

á la carte price: $700

Give your startup a great send off

Having the right brand and proactive startup marketing program is critical to a successful business launch. We want to help you make your impact on the world! Leverage BRANDVIVO’s Startup Marketing program to take your startup to the next level.

We’re happy to have an initial strategy meeting with you to scope a success plan for your startup, at no cost. Just contact us to set up an appointment. We’re excited to help you bring your vision to fruition.

Reach us to get started:




Experience in many industries:

BRANDVIVO is your B2B marketing partner


Over the years, companies from many industries have partnered with the folks at BRANDVIVO to energize their brands, spruce up their marketing communications and create demand generation programs to grow revenue (see all of our services here »). Industries include banking, technology, construction, consumer goods, management consulting, printing, peer executive groups, and nonprofits.

Companies in these industries and more have come to use because of our ability to quickly learn about their specific business cases and develop effective programs to reach their customers.

We’ve spent extended periods working in some of these industries and have gained highly-specialized experience as a result, allowing us to hit the ground running for you even more quickly in those markets.


One of the industries that has tapped BRANDVIVO extensively is banking. We spent several years each supporting the branding and marketing programs of such banks as Mission Federal Credit Union, Torrey Pines Bank, Alliance Bank of Arizona, Bank of Nevada, and, most recently, Silvergate Bank. We understand the products and services, customer needs, messaging, copywriting styles and compliance issues, and compliance requirements in the banking segment very well.


Technology is another BRANDVIVO sweet spot. Numerous technology companies have relied on our work to help them with theirs, including iTECH Engineering, Spacelink and its subsidiary, Camzone; MIR3, Business Complete Solutions, Business Protection Systems, Inc., eMOBUS, ZUZA Marketing Asset Management, Talley Communications, Concerto Networks and Supply Risk Solutions.


BRANDVIVO knows construction, having worked closely for years with both M Bar C Construction, a builder of light-and heavy-gauge steel structures; ETC Construction, a general contractor and architecture firm; and Curtis Drilling, provider of services for foundation drilling, caisson, and earth retention projects. This experience means we can construct a structurally sound, aesthetically pleasing campaign for your construction company in very short time.


Your startup has it’s offering, its funding and it terrific team. All that’s left is to tell the world with an endearing brand and an effective, demand generating marketing program. BRANDVIVO is expert at helping companies old and new to define their brands and launch their demand generation programs. We’ll help you take your startup to the next level of success. Learn more about our Startup Marketing program »

What can we do for you?

No matter what industry you’re in, our specialty is to dive in, learn fast, and apply tried and true brand and marketing principles that work across all industries to help your company rise to the top. Contact us today for a complimentary initial consultation to assess your needs and recommend a course of action.

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